The role of youth and women in peace-building


From 1st January 2018 – 30th June 2020, Somali Peace Line implemented “Participatory Peacebuilding and Development Project” in Baidoa and Jowhar towns in partnership with Life & Peace Institute and with the funds of European Union. The overall objective of the action is to contribute to women and youth empowerment and inclusion as agents of peace in Somalia as a building-block for a more stable, resilient and accountable society.

The action engaged 486 diverse and conflicted women and female and male youth clustered into 40 groups – each with 12 members. By utilizing the proven conflict transformation methodology known as Sustained Dialogue (SD), the groups met twice a month for a period of seven months and at end implemented collaborative actions. Some of the key achieves include:

  1. The SD participants have collaboratively designed and implemented 58 peace actions focusing pressing social issues in Jowhar and Baidoa
  2. Youth groups in Baidoa have organized 4-day meetings in which youth participated the process of designing and planning SW state youth policy which was led by Youth and Sports Ministry of SWSS.
Figure 1 photo group for peacebuilding training participants in Baidoa 
  • Women SD groups in Baidoa met with women politicians at regional and state level and as a result the conflicts between the women grassroots and district, regional and state women were resolved. Women SD groups in Jowhar have established “committee for realization of women quota”. Through advocacy meetings with different actors the political ambition of women uplifted – 3 women expressed their intention to run for representation of Jowhar district council, and 3 to run for state and federal level MPs.
  1. Members from Youth and women SD participants have developed self-efficacy from SD process, regular interaction with community leaders, CSOs and government officials, and capacity building trainings such as; employment and entrepreneurship workshops; for example: 15 SD participants got placement in the government offices, and INGOs/LNGOs while 7 participants started business – retail shops, stationery and bookshops, and beauty salon in Baidoa and Jowhar.
  2. In Jowhar, the implementation of end-SD actions had results; 3 young girls were saved from illegal migration after awareness, meetings and linkages for and between middlemen, drivers and the police in Jowhar.
  3. Members of SD group in Jowhar raised 18, 000 USD for affected by the floods in Baledweyn and purchased food which was distributed to affected people in Baledweyn.
  4. Youth SD groups in Jowhar have conducted a survey on drug abuse (especially Tabuu). The survey findings were presented with local authorities and other stakeholders.

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