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July 16, 2016 @ 10:00 am - July 16, 2016 @ 10:00 am

Somali Peace Line Systems

Somali Peace Line Audit system

Somali Peace line has an organizational audit system which it conducts per yearly. The organization has carried out its audit for the last three years starting from 2013 up to 2015 and produced all the audit required reports. SPL’sauditis a systematic and independent examination of accounts, statutory financial records, documents and vouchers of an organization to ascertain how far the financial statements as well as non-financial disclosures present a true and fair view of the concern. Our audit systems determine and ensure that projects budgets of accounts are properly maintained by the concern as required by SPL financial policy as well as our stakeholder’s obligation. Somali peace line’ project partners also carries out project based audit after projects ended.

Somali Peace Line Monitoring and Evaluation system

Somali Peace Line has systematic M&E process which the organization conducts and produces monthly reports as well as quarterly reports. SPL Monitoring and An evaluation is a systematic and objective examination concerning the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of activities in the light of specified our objectives and it also is a continuous assessment that we aim at providing all our stakeholders with early detailed information on the progress or delay of the ongoing assessed SPL’s project activities or if It is an oversight of the activity’s implementation stage. SPL’s purpose of M&E system is to determine if the outputs, deliveries and schedules planned have been reached so that action can be taken to correct the deficiencies as quickly as possible and also show and bring accountability and transparency for our beneficiaries to our work.

Somali Peace Line Employee Performance Appraisals System

Somali Peace Line conducts an employee performance appraisal system for two times per year. This employee performance appraisal form is a process often combining both written and oral elements whereby management evaluates and provides feedback on employee job performance, including steps to improve or redirect activities as needed. SPL appraisals are also important to help staff members improve their performance and as an avenue by which they can be rewarded or recognized for a job well done.

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