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March 19, 2016 @ 4:00 pm - March 19, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

Executive Summary of M&E Quarterly Report

At the current SPL is formally running three different projects which is directly working child Protection, Peace Building and Peace Culture in schools which aims empowering different beneficiaries in south and central Somalia.

SPL Monitoring and evaluation officer observing changes occurred, appearance of new problems, projects challenges, capacity of structures, collaboration among key stakeholders are gradually more collaborative and address main concern in regions and settlements.

The monitoring and evaluation in this stage provided a particular focus on the issues of community-based child protection mechanisms for the prevention and response to child protection and child right issues, and community-based peacebuilding. Children’s peer groups are actively promoting minority children’s’ roles in school and solving problems among them, engaging usefully with help of child protection committees and Child Education Committees. And even their school initiatives caused to be build and rehabilitating latrines and water pipes. Child protection structures have successfully implemented disaster risk deduction management action plans after they have been trained. Also child protection structure established roles and responsibilities to respond to occurrences of abuse in cooperation with child protection service providers and law enforcement institutions.

Children peer groups in school and IDPs have roles for protection their rights in schools and IDPs after enhanced major awareness rising at school assemblies and villages, reporting violation cases and doing referral pathways.

Bottom-up peacebuilding: Tensions between Merka areas were agreed to man the checkpoints in Km50-Merka road through non-violent discussion and participative decision making.

Walamoy and Mohamed Muse clans reached agreements for their long term differences after inter and intra clan dialogues were hold for weeks in Jowhar and both clans shown their willingness to continue negotiation process. The Interior ministry and regional administration were engaged to observe and work with SPL for solving the prolong war between Mohamed Muse and Walamow clans. The Ministry of Interior and Federalism has hold a seminar in the region and informed the clans and district administration that SPL will facilitate peace talks between the clans and finally Somali Peace Line’s efforts reduced violent conflicts at two regions.

The most important achievements were that communities, local and national authority recognition and approval community-based peace building process in collaboration with other stakeholders such as religious leaders, school teachers, youth and women groups and clan elders.

The targeted communities are able to solve their own problems in peace building and child protection.

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