Somali Peace Line
1. Somali Peace Line will maintain Political and Social Non-partisanship 2. SPL will be transparent and accountable in all its dealings 3. In all matters concerning a child, SPL promotes the best interest of the child 4. SPL will invest in the capacity of Somalis to solve their own problems 5. Reduction and/or elimination of poverty and illiteracy is a legitimate component of SPL approaches for sustainable in Somalia 6. Gender Equity features and is reflected in all SPL work
2.Transparency & accountability:

SPL commits to encourage the participation by all stakeholders in the decision making processes and openness of the work of the organization. To the donors, SPL follows strict professional standards in reporting and guidelines

3.Open up to community concerns and continue encouraging community self sponsored problem solving mechanisms:

SPL believes that the conflicts can be resolved by the community members themselves. The community needs the system and mechanism to reduce tension and eliminate the actors of conflicts.

4.Peace building through positively empowering the local structures & ready learning from the experiences.

The civil war in Somalia spared some basic structures in the society. These structures include the Clan Elders and the Imams. SPL wants to empower them to be the peacemakers in the community.

5.Somalis can solve their own problems.

Working the community, the local authorities, the Clan Elders, the Imams and other Somali stake holders, SPL believes that the solution to resolve the conflict in Somalia should come from within.

6.Believing eradication of poverty & illiteracy

Peace can be sustained if poverty and illiteracy is eliminated in Somalia. SPL will work with partners to make sure that the level of poverty and illiteracy is reduced in the country.