About SPL – Somalia Peace Line

“Somali Peace Line (SPL) was founded in October 1995, following the Second European International Congress of Somali Studies on Culture of Peace for Somalia held in Paris, France, 25-27 October 1995.
SPL is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization. Its principles are based on the recommendations of the Paris Conference and other conferences held in and outside Somalia. SPL has adopted unwavering impartiality in all its activities on peace building in Somalia.

Somali Peace Line had confronted immediately after its formation by rapidly deteriorating security situations in Somalia, total social chaos, and lack of funds to cope up with the difficult challenges ahead of the newly born organization. Despite the existence of these problems, SPL had faced the difficulties and continued its peace building operations, with the help of meager contributions donated by the SPL members, Charity Organizations and Funding Agencies

About Us

SPL is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization.

Our Program

We undertake  Peace-building Programs,Human Rights & good governments

Our Mission

Somali peace line is committed to Promoting mechanisms for sustainable peace and enjoyment of rights by all.

Our Vision

Somali Peace Line(SPL) Desire to see a stable Somalia in which all its citizens exercise their rights and resolve their conflicts peacefully.

Believes, Values and Assumptions

We believe that all human being are created equally, and must get the appropriate recognition they need in a comfortable, accessible setting and that we see the day soon when the prerogative rights of mankind are no longer violated for their human, social, and political rights. Given the extraordinary case in Somalia, we believe the present anarchism can be overcome provided appropriate and timely support is available. Also, we value indigenous knowledge and contribution, intend to learn from our experience and the value of all human lives as well as the possibility of success in achieving our mission.

  1. Somali Peace Line will maintain Political and Social Non-partisanship
  2. SPL will be transparent and accountable in all its dealings
  3. In all matters concerning a child, SPL promotes the best interest of the child
  4. SPL will invest in the capacity of Somalis to solve their own problems
  5. Reduction and/or elimination of poverty and illiteracy is a legitimate compone

Organizational structure

Organizational structure

Somali Peace Line has board five members of directors that shape the organization’s direction and policies. The organization has Management Board which comprises the chairperson, the operation’s manager, the programme manager, the Human resource manager, and the Monitoring and Evaluation officer, communication’s officer and the project managers. This team meets bi-monthly to discuss organization’s achievements and challenges and discuss way forwards. The managing team reports back monthly to SPL’s Executive Committee.

Thematic programming

  1. Promoting Peace-building Programs
  2. Advocating Protection of Human Rights
  3. Promoting Good Governance
  4. Gender Equity and Women Empowerment
  5. Community Empowerment 


SPL is committed to persuade the Somali society to be amenable to understand themselves and their nature, their potentials and limitations, their place in the universe and relationships with each other and with whole mankind.

Our organizational philosophy is: Whoever intercedes in a good cause becomes a partner therein: and whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden: And Allah hath power over all things (Koran 4:85). In this case we ought to believe that if we help and support a good cause, we share in all its credit and in its eventual victory. And conversely, we cannot support a bad cause without sharing in all its evil consequences.