Executive Summary for SPL programme report 2017
Executive Summary for SPL programme report 2017

Somali Peace Line envisions a stable Somalia in which all its citizens exercise their rights and resolve their conflict peacefully. The organizations seek to promote mechanisms for sustainable peace and enjoyment of rights by all. The mandate of SPL covers protection, promotion of human rights, and facilitation of peaceful co-existence of communities. To realize this, SPL ran five projects and two researches with four different organizations from January to December 2017. Namely, SOMNORAD framework projects with Save the Children International (SCI); Community-based bottom-up peace-building project, Research on land conflict in the Lower Shabelle, and Research on Women & Youth roles in peace and conflict with Life and Peace Institute (LPI); Harnessing opportunity for peaceful engagement (Hope Project) with IRC; and Promoting Gender Equality through Empowering Women Activists and Members of Parliament in Hirshabelle with Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

In 2017, SPL program reached 6,705 direct beneficiaries. About 44% out of these beneficiaries were children (1348 boys and 1590girls); and 43 % were adults (1527 men and 1375 women), while 13% of them were youth (363 female youth, and 502 male youth). As per project, 62% of these beneficiaries was reached SOMNORAD framework projects with Save the Children International (SCI); 31% were reached in Hope Project with IRC. 3% were reached in CFLI project in Jowhar, while CBBP and subsequent researches with LPI reached 4% of the beneficiaries because most of the target beneficiaries are decision-making groups.

The programme has also reached approximately 1152,200 indirect beneficiaries in distributing IEC material (in IDPs and 20 public schools in Benadir and Galgudud), and airing radio series radio programs (on VOA), live coverage events (on Radio Mogadishu and Somali National TV), interviews, debates, talk-shows), and PSAs (public service announcements) on Goobjoog, Jowhar and Afgoye Radios; and production and dissemination of stickers, flyers, with messages at NGOs Offices and community centers.

Almost all of the SPL staff had trainings in 2017. The trainings and capacity building workshops included: Peace building and conflict sensitivity; Finance workshop for finance & non-finance staff; Report and proposal writing, and resource mobilization; Familiarization of UNCRC and Alternative Report Mechanisms; Case management & TOT child to child clubs; and Engaging Men and Boys (EMB) training. All of these trainings were facilitated by SPL partners as part of the project co-implemented by both sides.SPL has undergone capacity assessment in this year 2017 and made external organizational audit of 2016 which produced good results and recommendations which the organizations strives to act on them to excel its operations.

For Further information, please contact with SPL Management.

Email: mdheere@tubta.org

Somali peace line is committed to Promoting mechanisms for sustainable peace and enjoyment of rights by all
A stable Somalia in which all its citizens exercise their rights and resolve their conflicts peacefully
Contributed community empowerment in peacebuilding and protection of human rights in collaboration with key stakeholders.
1. Somali Peace Line will maintain Political and Social Non-partisanship
2. SPL will be transparent and accountable in all its dealings
3. In all matters concerning a child, SPL promotes the best interest of the child
4. SPL will invest in the capacity of Somalis to solve their own problems
5. Reduction and/or elimination of poverty and illiteracy is a legitimate component of SPL approaches for sustainable in Somalia
6. Gender Equity features and is reflected in all SPL work

1. To contribute to the building of sustainable peace and stability in Somalia

2. To build the capacities of the community groups to enable them solve their internal problems, through research, conflict resolution, consultation meetings and discussions with specific issues and public concerns.
Organizational Philosophy
SPL is committed to persuade the Somali society to be amenable to understand themselves and their nature, their potentials and limitations, their place in the universe and relationships with each other and with whole mankind.
Organizational Structure
The General Assembly is the highest body of SPL. It has a governing body, which comprises a chairman, programme manager, Admin and finance manager and project managers that mobilizes the required resources and ensures effective management of the organization.
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