Activity Report for religious leaders in Banadir region and Galgadud region
A one day awareness meeting on child rights and child protection for parents and religious leaders from seven districts in Benadir and Galgadud regions were held in April 2016.

The main aim of the workshop is to equip the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude towards the wellbeing of the children residing in their districts. A total of 85 people attended the awareness on religious leader including religious leader and parents in Galgadud and Banadir region.

Outcomes of the meeting

The participants agreed on the following recommendations for their future work:

i.That the religious leaders and the parents to voluntarily work for the welfare and wellbeing of the children in their districts.

ii.Making sure that the Action Plan reached is implemented to meet its requirements

iii.Enhancing and continuing the discussions on issues affecting children so as to tackle problems that may negatively affect the lives of many children.


The workshop meeting on child rights for the religious leaders and the parents ended successfully and during the meeting the parents were happy and actively participating and concentrated on the contents of the agendas of the meeting. Finally the facilitators once again appreciated the participants for their active and honoured participation throughout the workshop. From there the training was officially closed with a word of prayer by Sheikh Ibrahim.

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Contributed community empowerment in peacebuilding and protection of human rights in collaboration with key stakeholders.
1. Somali Peace Line will maintain Political and Social Non-partisanship
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6. Gender Equity features and is reflected in all SPL work

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2. To build the capacities of the community groups to enable them solve their internal problems, through research, conflict resolution, consultation meetings and discussions with specific issues and public concerns.
Organizational Philosophy
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