Somali Peace Line
Promoting Gender Equality through Empowering Women Activists and Members of Parliament in Hirshabelle, Somalia
Training on gender equality and advocacy in Jowhar.

SPL project team organized and conducted 3 days training on Gender equality and advocacy skills in capital city of Hirshabelle state of 15-17thJanuary 2018 at Suubiye building hotel in Jowhar district middle Shebelle region. The training targeted women in political, social level and civil society activists in Jowhar district. A total of 30 women attended the three days training included women in Parliaments, ministers, regional, district and civic society activists. The training aimed the empowerment of women’s roles and participation decision level at political and social to obtain their rights on parliaments and be part of decision making process.

Intra women meeting:

Through funding from Canadian Fund for Local initiatives (CFLI), SPL facilitated two days intra women meeting in Hirshabelle state Jowhar district on 18th -19th January 2018 at Suubiye Building Hotel. A total of 30 women from HIrshabelle Parliaments, Ministers, Regional administration, district Administration and women in Civil society included media, business women, Humanitarian workers came together to identify women’s concerns at political and social levels (State, regional and district level); and to make advocacy for them. They developed advocacy plan on issues of

-Promotion of women’s role in Hirsabelle in politics, security, administration and civil servants

-Increasing the number of women in the parliament who are missing from the Hirshabelle.

-Improving and increasing maternal health facilities for Jowhar town.

-Construction of Hirshabelle roads, especially on the road that links Jowhar and Mogadishu which is destroyed badly.

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