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Success story in Bondhere district
Success story about the CWC in Bondhere district

Child Welfare Committee (CWC) was established in 2015 by Somali Peace Line in Bondhere district. The Child Welfare Committee has done hard work, commitment and shown strong concerns for the children’s wellbeing. The Committee made Nurto Mohamed as their chairperson. Nurto is also the head teacher of Bondhere Girls’ Orphanage Centre. CWC underwent numerous capacity building trainings under Norad Project Framework to uplift their capacity on child protection, child rights, and Disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation so that they will have the basic skills regarding issues affecting the children and make them to function effectively and efficiently.

Bondhere Girls’ Orphanage Centre had only six rooms used for both learning and as dormitories. The center worked in an old government building which was in a bad shape. The outer wall was low and mostly destroyed. The windows were low and did not have sashes. Thus, CWC and the children identified these to be risk to the children in the center during DRR planning sessions.

The Child Welfare Committee in this district came up with an initiative on how they could make a change in the centre. They met with the Local Authority in Bondhere district and asked for support from the D.C to accompany them to meet with Djibouti ambassador whom they thought would help them as they could communicate with them in Somali Language with ease. After that together with the D.C and some members of the Child Welfare Committee, Mrs. Nurto the chairperson visited and forwarded to the ambassador the needs for renovation of the Orphanage Centre. The ambassador accepted the request but said he should make consultations with the government of Djibouti.

Unexpectedly, the president of Djibouti paid a visit to Somalia. The ambassador of Djibouti instantly invited the members of Bondhere Child Welfare Committee to make maximum use of this opportunity. In addition to that, well organized choir team from the Centre sang a song that interpreted their need sat a dinner reception for HE Ismail Omar Gelleh, the President of Djibouti in Somali State house (Villa Somalia), and as well the ambassador informed the president about the request of the Child Welfare Committee.

The request was accepted and the center was constructed well (9 classroom, a dormitory of 9 rooms, office, a kitchen, 8 latrines and water taps) to make the environment safer and more supportive to teaching and learning activities. The construction was in process from January to June 2016. The Local Authority of Bondhere has also provided transitional building where the learning would continue as the construction was in process.

There are a total number of 290 girls are directly benefiting from the services offered by the Orphanage Centre.

Somali Peace Line and its partner Save the children international not only formed the Child Welfare Committee but also empowered The Child Clubs with child right, child protection skills, DRR/CCA skills, etc. These clubs are still in existence and perform significant roles in issues affecting children.