Somali Peace Line
Activity report to establish CSO coaltions
1. Introduction This is a report for establishment of a civil society coalition on child rights in South Central Somalia.

This coalition was created by SCI SOM in order to achieve the goal of an empowered, knowledgeable and energetic civil society driven by the common purpose of ensuring the protection of children's rights. Somalia Civil Society Organizations have played a key role in the provision of social services, contributing to peace, reconciliation protection and development of the country. In addition, professional associations and many networks have emerged in the past years in order to lobby and advocate for the local communities and children.South central Somali has been the gradual strengthening of civil society organization / members through consultation and coalition building, advocacy in a viable civil society coalition with governance to oversee the implementation of activities proposed by civil society themselves.

In playing this role, civil society actors need to ensure they retain their core missions, integrity, purposefulness and high levels of trust. The world will always need independent organizations and individuals to act as watchdogs, ethical guardians and advocates of the marginalized or under-represented. Civil society in all its forms has an important role in holding all stakeholders, including itself, to the highest levels of accountability. This civil society coalition will have responsibility for submitting NGO complementary reports to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and to the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child upon ratification of the ACRWC by the government. Furthermore, The CSO coalition also intends to raise public awareness and knowledge on child rights through various communication channels

On 20 marches 2016, SCI SOM conducted one-day meeting for the establishing CSO coalition held at Mogadishu International Hotel in banadir region by focusing the role of civil society organization on promotion of children’s right through monitoring the implementation of UNCRCs and the ratifications of ACRWC.

The civil society actors included:-

*Nongovernmental organization ( National), Academics institutions, Women groups , professional Association, Religious leader , Traditional elders , youth groups , Media Business peoples / privates , Disabled people organization and Labour unions

1.1 Aim & Objectives

*The overall aim of the CSO Coalition on Child Rights is to advocate, influence policy formulation, report on international legal treaties and be the voice of Somali children.

1. Roles & Responsibilities

A. Chairperson

Ø To provide overall leadership of the CSO Coalition

Ø To ensure the Secretariat functions properly

Ø To ensure the coalition is managed effectively

Ø Should call for board meetings and chair the meetings

Ø Should be someone knowledgeable with extensive skills and experience in humanitarian, advocacy, child rights.

Ø Should be a person who possesses good negotiation and diplomacy skills

Ø Should have good close relationship with national, regional and international child rights organisations.

Ø To provide support and supervision to the secretariat

Ø To represent the organisation as its figurehead

B. Executive Director

Ø Leads the Secretariat of the CSO Coalition

Ø Shall handle the day-to-day operations of the coalition

Ø Shares daily communications with the CSO coalition members

Ø Should be in charge of program planning and management

Ø Community relations/advocacy

Ø Conducts and risk management& mitigation measures

Ø Advocacy and campaigning

Ø Should call for meetings with CSO network members

Ø Coordinates the implementation of agreed action plans

Ø Should be a person with professional and practical hands on experience in child rights issues, evaluation, research and advocacy,

C. Secretary

Ø Perform routine clerical and administrative functions such as drafting correspondence and receiving membership application.

Ø Scheduling appointments and sending invitations for meetings among CSO coalition members

Ø Organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files

Ø Preparing monthly reports

Ø Providing information to coalition members

D. Members

ØShould abide by the TOR of the coalition

ØShould attend regular coalition meetings and events

ØShould maintain links with the other Coalition members

ØEach CSO who is a member of the coalition has ONE vote

ØShould take part of the coalition’s advocacy and campaigning events and implement the assigned tasks

ØShould regularly share information on their work in child rights with the Secretariat.

Action Points

Ø The CSO coalition members Should abide by the ToRs which categorized roles and responsibilities

Ø Should regularly share information on their work in child rights with the Secretariat

Maintaining on their regular meetings.